Lays Rodrigues

Software Engineer
Dev & Ops | A bit of everything.

A bit of me

Learning to solve problems. That's my Modus Operandi. I am always trying to create solutions to problems. And the context of those problems can be: Cloud Architecture, CI/CD Pipelines, build API's to delivery information among Rest, GraphQL and gRPC technologies. If it's a challenge and I can work on it, doesn't matter the context. However, I do like to work with backend applications and build the architecture for those applications on AWS. My front end skills are minimal.

What do I like to do besides work?

Netflix. Read books. To ride a bike or car. Get out with my friends for beer & pizza. Chill with my boyfriend. Therapy. Travel. Dream. To eat and enjoy good food. Discover new places. Share what I know. To be me.

My background

| Education

Bachelor of Information Systems

Sep/2017 - Out/2019
I have a Bachelor of Information Systems by the Federal Fluminense University(UFF).
Before the Information Systems course, I have done 6 years of Computer Science at the same University. However, I have found on the Information Systems the pleasure to work with technology, besides the tech itself. The course has 3 pilars: Technology, People and Processes. And we are in a time where those 3 subjects converge on delivering the value to the customer.

| Jobs

Software Engineer @ CyberLabs.Ai

Dez/2019 - Out/2020
During my time at CyberLabs.Ai, I have done:

  • Designed and delivered all the AWS infrastructure for the KeyApp
  • Built with the backend team most of the microservices that served as backend to the KeyApp mobile application
  • Designed the CI/CD workflow to automatic deliver code to Development and Production environments using Gitlab CI
  • Implemented a pipeline that runs unit tests, code quality and sast tests, that only allows code to be merged after all issues in a review is resolved
  • Created all the infrastructure as code using Terraform and creating reusable modules for the company to use
  • Deployment of Machine Learning models based on PyThorch and Tensorflow to AWS ECS
  • Together with Solvimm, we held a Well-Architected Framework workshop to discover within the 5 pillars what we needed to do to take the KeyApp to a new level
  • Created Grafana dashboards to collect and deliver data information about the KeyApp to help the company on the decision making process
  • Built an alert system that communicated to our Discord channels about any problem on our environments based on Cloudwatch metrics
  • Built the microservices infrastructure using ECS and configured automatic scaling for all services based on Cloudwatch metrics

Software Developer @ Meta | Rede Globo

Jan/2019 - Nov/2019
During my time at Meta, working allocated at Rede Globo, I have done:

  • In company classes about Agile Development
  • Continue the work of maintenance of C++ legacy systems
  • Worked with Infra as Code to build AWS environments for our applications
  • Improved the workflow created for the World Cup to process and move all the Acervo(Archive) videos to a new platform/storage

Intership @ Rede Globo

Jan/2017 - Dec/2018
During my intership at Rede Globo, the biggest telecomunication company of Latin America, I have done:

  • Maintenance of C++ legacy systems
  • CI/CD using Gitlab and Ansible for deploy of Python services
  • Helped build and delivery of a workflow that processed videos originated from Fifa World Cup from 2018 that delivered more than 160 hours of content to the Journalism and Sports for the news.

| Misc

Volunteer @ KDE Community

Out/2015 - Present
Since 2015 I am a member of the KDE Community where I contribute with free software projects, including Atelier, a host to manage 3DPrinters and its library AtCore. Since 2017, I am part of the Fundraising Working Group where our main job is to identify fundraising opportunities and coordinate the execution of fundraising campaigns. Since 2019 I am an e.V. member where I give support to the KDE e.V Board on it's activities. Being a part of KDE allowed me to build my git and C++ skills and to travel around the world to connect with the amazing people that are part of KDE.